Bspore B体育-扭王字块钢模板 混凝土扭王字块钢模具 宏旭制作说明【价格,厂家,求购,使用说明】

扭王字块钢模板 混凝土扭王字块钢模具 宏旭建造申明 扭王字块钢模板 混凝土扭王字块钢模具 宏旭制作说明

扭王字块钢模板   混凝土扭王字块钢模具    宏旭建造申明

Accropode steel formwork concrete Accropode steel mold is used in a circle around the coast, the internal use of wave block structure, so as to slow down the impact of waves, protect the coastal dike facilities, etc. generally, the design style of Accropode steel formwork concrete Accropode steel mold is required by professional drawing design In the middle part, the quadrangular structure or the middle small upper and lower large structure is adopted. When placing precast blocks, there are two forms, one is specification placement, the other is irregular placement. Generally, the latter is selected. The construction is more convenient, and the impact force of the wave behind is smaller. Generally speaking, the method of prefabrication is adopted in the field, which can save the distance of transportation and reduce the production cost. Accropode steel formwork The steel mold of concrete Accropode block is generally made of steel plate. Because of the unique shape of this mold, plastic materials are produced by injection molding method. However, due to the special shape, it is very difficult to produce the mold. Therefore, the steel has good toughness and occupies a large proportion in the shaping of the shape In addition, the production of steel in the production of no additional costs, prices are transparent, so the use of steel production is a very good choice. Accropode steel formwork concrete AccrBspore B����opode steel mold is a kind of prefabricated block mold used in the seaside. Accropode formwork can also be called wave block mold, and its structure is relatively simple. Put it in a dry and ventilated place and cover the whole mold with waterproof cloth.

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